Creating SharePoint Training Documents


SharePoint at times can be frustrating for end users. If your end users are also not very technical in nature, then MSDN will not be a good resource. This presents an opportunity. It is up to us to bridge that gap. We can make our own effective training documents.

The training documents do not have to be very elaborate, but they do need to be able to guide the user from the beginning to the correct end state. To ensure that my users know how to navigate new features, and use current out-of-the-box features, I employ multiple tools to help. The main tools I use are Microsoft Word and TechSmith’s Snag-It. Word is a feature-rich word processor that allows the final product to be exported into PDF format. Then there is Snag-It.

Snag-It is a tool that I have found to be invaluable. With this tool, I can capture sections of my screen or my entire screen and then annotate details onto that image. Having this capability greatly increases my effectiveness at creating documents for my users. I am now able to list the steps and add images with distinct annotations on them.

The plan is to create simple documents. These documents guide the user from the beginning to the end with enough detail to help them successfully complete their task. The goal is that your end users will become more self-sufficient with their SharePoint operations.  This will ultimately free you up to focus on more pressing tasks.

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